Are Hong Kong and Taiwan stars unofficial ambassadors of the Malaysian durian?   

IPOH, July 11 — Does our much loved King of Fruits need any more publicity? Well, they do say there is no such thing as too much publicity. Especially when it involves celebrities and does not come with a price tag.

Take a look at what the following celebrities have to say about our durians:

 Francis Ng Chun-yu — Picture via Facebook/ Francis Ng Chun Yu

Francis Ng Chun-yu — Picture via Facebook/ Francis Ng Chun Yu

1. Hong Kong actor Francis Ng Chun-yu


Ng swears by durians from Penang which he first tasted when filming the movie A Place Called Silence in the state, Sin Chew Daily reported.

While on a promotion tour in Beijing recently, he said, “You must go there to eat durian. It’s so tasty. Once you have tried it, you would not want to taste durian from anywhere else in the world.”


2. Cantopop singer and actress Kelly Chen

Chen apparently loved her durian so much that she even risked trying to bring it home in her luggage.

During a concert in March, she said that she was stopped by Customs years ago for attempting to bring durians out of Malaysia, China Press reported.

She added that she ended up eating the durians outside of the airport.

“Thankfully, now durians can be vacuumed packed,” she quipped.

3. Hong Kong actors Charmaine Sheh and Benz Hui

Actress Sheh and her friend Hui took the opportunity to indulge in durians when filming in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Hui shared a picture of them posing in front of a durian stall in Kuala Lumpur.

In a caption on her Xiaohongshu account, Sheh, who lists Black Thorn as her favourite, said she would not pass on the opportunity to enjoy the fruit as it was durian season then, The Star reported.

Myolie Wu — Picture via Instagram/ myoliemyolie

Myolie Wu — Picture via Instagram/ myoliemyolie

4. Myolie Wu, former TVB actress from Hong Kong

Wu dropped by a stall selling durian in Petaling Jaya during a stopover in Malaysia to film early this year.

Her visit was shared by the shop owner on social media and the news was reported by Oriental Daily.

Wayne Lai — Picture via Instagram/ laiyiucheung

Wayne Lai — Picture via Instagram/ laiyiucheung

5. Award-winning Hong Kong actor Wayne Lai

The three-times TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor winner lists durian as one of the things he misses in Malaysia.

China Press reported that Lai last came to Malaysia four years ago and returned early this year.

Besides durians, which he described as very good, Lai reportedly said he also misses laksa and grilled chicken wings.

6. Retired Hong Kong actress Anita Lee

The retired Hong Kong actress led a tour to Bentong where the group indulged in Musang King durian.

Prior to that, the group stopped over in Kuala Lumpur to try bak kut teh, grilled chicken wings, coconut ice cream, apam balik and otak-otak.

Power Station — Picture via Instagram/ powerstation_official

Power Station — Picture via Instagram/ powerstation_official

7. Taiwanese rock duo Power Station

One half of the duo Yu Chiu-hsin proclaimed Malaysia’s durian as the best.

During a recent concert, Yu shared he did not like durian the first time he had it but learned to love it after tasting it for the second time.

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