Consumer watchdog Case gets new executive director

SINGAPORE – Mr Dexter Tay was appointed the executive director of the Consumers Association of Singapore’s (Case) on April 1.

He replaces Ms Lee Siow Hwee, who has helmed the association since 2021, on a secondment from the People’s Association (PA).

Mr Tay, who was previously Case’s deputy director, has worked in various public sector agencies including the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, the National Trades Union Congress, the Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Authority.

Ms Lee, during her tenure, helped streamline Case’s consumer services amid the Covid-19 pandemic, introducing online mediation for consumers to resolve disputes and launching a one-stop website where consumers could have their queries answered around the clock.

She also helped to extend Case’s dispute resolution services to more than one million members of the NTUC in 2022, allowing them to tap the services for free.

In 2024, Ms Lee launched Price Kaki Champions, a collaboration between Case and the PA.

The programme saw some 2,000 volunteers recruited to look for good deals around neighbourhoods and promote community awareness of price comparison platform Price Kaki.

Case President Mr Melvin Yong said: “I would like to thank Siow Hwee for her contributions in the past three years. She played an important role in leading Case through the Covid-19 pandemic and responding to emerging consumer trends and challenges.

“As executive director, she enhanced Case’s suite of services to consumers, extended the reach of our dispute resolution services to more consumers, and expanded our pool of community volunteers.” 

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