Create one-stop centres in towns to boost domestic tourism

LETTERS: Recently, Tourism Malaysia director-general Manoharan Periasamy said we’re on track to meet the target of 220 million domestic visitors this year, with total spending of RM88 billion.

After launching the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Madani Civil Servants 2024 exhibition in Putrajaya, he went on to persuade Malaysians to holiday in the country instead of heading overseas.

I’d like to stress that only about a third of domestic tourists stay overnight in paid accomadation, with 71 per cent staying in free accommodation provided by relatives and friends.

It is common to see Malaysians travelling during the festive seasons and weekends when coinciding with public holidays.

During that time, there is no better place than to stay at home or going to not too distant areas, which can include staying in a hotel or resort and enjoying the amenities to soothe the stress of travelling.

Thus, I support what Tourism Malaysia is doing in getting more excursionists to stay overnight in paid accommodation to promote quality domestic tourism. This way, they will be spending more too.

As shopping is by far the largest expenditure in inbound and domestic expenditure, promoting this sector would result in the greatest increase in domestic visitors and revenues.

The most effective way is to have one-stop tourism centres in every town where suitable.

This means travellers need not search high and low for the best buys and best food as they can get them under one roof, with adequate parking and toilet facilities.


Kuala Lumpur

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