Edmund Chen, Who Left Showbiz 20 Years Ago To Look After Daughter Chen Yixin, Is Ready To Return To Acting

Although it’s been almost two decades since former actor Edmund Chen left showbiz, he remains popular in the hearts of audiences.

In a recent interview with Chinese media 8world, the 63-year-old shared that he receives offers to star in both local and overseas productions each year, but was never able to accept them due to issues with scripts or time constraints.

But now, he is ready to make a comeback.

Best known for his role in 1989 police thriller Patrol, where he met wife Xiang Yun, Edmund used be one of the biggest heartthrobs in Singapore in the ’90s.

When he and Xiang Yun, now 62, welcomed their first child, ex-Mediacorp actor Chen Xi, in 1991, they were both at the peak of their careers.

They could not be present for their son and that filled them with guilt. 

This is why when Xiang Yun was pregnant with their daughter Chen Yixin in 2000, they decided that one of them would leave showbiz to care for her.

“Xiang Yun was so popular at the time, it’d be a pity for her to quit. So I would rather I give up my acting career,” he recalled. 

But life after showbiz wasn’t without its challenges.

Though he didn’t have any concrete plans, Edmund refused to star in any more dramas as he felt he should have a “clean break” in order to explore new fields.

“I actively applied for jobs, but things didn’t go as planned as I lacked the relevant skillsets. I also tried to start my own business but realised it’s not easy being a boss. I also considered going into sales, but my personality wasn’t suitable for that line of work,” he said. 

After eight months of “hardship”, Edmund found his calling in art. 

He ventured into drawing, design and other creative endeavors, and has since released 14 books.

Edmund was even voted Best Author for New Children’s Books in Southeast Asia for his picture book Little Otters To The Rescue in 2014.

Now that his kids are grown up, Edmund is keen to return to acting.

“In recent years, Yixin has really grown up. She would even say, ‘Dad, can you give me some space?’ Initially, I felt a bit lost. It’s hard to imagine how I would spend my days without her because I don’t have any other activities. Over these years, I have devoted all my time to her,” said Edmund.

But the doting dad also understands that he needs to let go and focus on what he does best.

“I can return to acting or even work behind the scenes. I have plenty of time on my hands now,” he remarked. 

Sharing that he’s all ready to jump back into showbiz, Edmund, who directed award-winning local drama Echoing Love in 2011, brimmed: “I have been an audience for many years, now that I have a different understanding of TV production and performance, I hope that I can come back and try something different.”

He’s ready physically too.

If you’ve been following the star on Instagram, you’d know that he is super fit and ripped. We mean, how many people in their 60s have six packs? 

When asked if he’d be willing to flaunt his body on screen, Edmund snickered: “Actually I still don’t really dare to take shirtless pics, I’d be shy.”

But if it’s necessary for the plot and not just showing for the sake of it, he wouldn’t mind sacrificing for art. 

“I’d still have to ask Xiang Yun and Yixin for permission first though, I know Chen Xi definitely wouldn’t be against it!,” he laughed. 

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