Edwin Goh’s Girlfriend Rachel Wan Has Stuff To Say About This Photo Of Him & Zoe Tay

Most girls wouldn’t be too pleased to see their boyfriend taking a selfie with another woman, especially if it were to be posted online. 

But for actress Rachel Wan, she has a whole new different issue about a recent photo her boyfriend ex-Mediacorp actor Edwin Goh took with Ah Jie Zoe Tay.

Earlier this week, the Straits Times reported that the 56-year-old actress, who is on a girls trip to Australia with her pals Pan Lingling and Aileen Tan, had reunited with her onscreen son, Edwin, who’s now based in Sydney with Rachel.

In her Instagram stories, Ah Jie described Edwin, 29, who played her son in 2018 Mediacorp drama A Million Dollar Dream, as “still very charming”. She also thanked him for treating them to “delicious baked ice cream pastry”.

For the Straits Times article, they used a selfie Ah Jie took with Edwin for the main pic.

Maybe it was the filter that was applied to the image or that Edwin appeared to be in mid-blink, but Rachel was unimpressed by the choice of photo. Or at least that’s what it seemed.

Sharing a video of her zooming in on the pic on her screen, Rachel wrote: “When the tabloids pick up on the hangout but dajie Zoe picked this photo to post” with a bunch of laugh-crying emojis.

[Ed: Yes, she called the Straits Times a tabloid and Zoe “dajie”]

In the next story which showed the same image of Edwin, Rachel wrote: “This will live online forever now” before panning to her boyfriend, who gave a sheepish look.

Edwin later reposted the story, writing: “Thanks for immortalising this photo”. He also added a heart-shaped emoji and tagged Zoe.

Ah Jie’s response? She reposted the story with an “LOL!” gif. 

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