Fight breaks out at Singapore Paya Lebar MRT Station, three arrested (VIDEO)

SINGAPORE, Dec 11 — A fight broke out around Paya Lebar MRT Station yesterday (Dec 10).

They were seen in several social media videos fighting in an open-air area outside Paya Lebar Square, and at the gantries inside the train station where SMRT staff members were seen breaking up the fight.

The police told TODAY on Monday that they were alerted to a fight at 60 Paya Lebar Square at about 5.45pm on Sunday. Two women, aged 40 and 45, and a 26-year-old man were arrested for affray.

Affray is fighting in public in a way that disturbs the peace.


Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

TODAY has contacted rail operator SMRT for comment.

What happened


In a minute-long video published on Facebook group “Complaint Singapore”, a man can be seen being shoved and hit by two women, while several people try to hold the two women back.

As the man is shoved by a woman in a black shirt, he hits her with a plastic bottle. He then tries to walk away when a woman in a white shirt and cap pulls his shirt.

The two scuffle before she falls to the ground. Several bystanders help the woman in the white shirt up, while the woman in the black shirt chases the man, who is seen running towards the train station’s entrance.

Another video published in the same Facebook group shows the woman in the white shirt apparently landing a punch on the man’s head as he is surrounded by several SMRT staff members near the control station booth.

She also appears to try to kick him, and an SMRT staff member can be seen escorting her and the other woman away from the man while shouting at them to “stop it”.

In a third video, a person can be seen receiving medical attention from three SMRT staff members, although it is unclear what happened to them.

In the same clip, the man involved in the fight was seen being held back near the control station booth.

Throughout the fight, several onlookers can be seen in the videos recording and watching the incident as it unfolded. — TODAY

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