Miss Universe Malaysia Pageant Now Open To All Women Above 18, Including Those Married And Mothers

The Miss Universe Malaysia (MUMO) pageant has announced a change in their eligibility requirements, promoting more inclusivity amongst its future contestants.

Speaking to the Malaysian press at the MYEG tower in Selangor yesterday (July 4), Eleen Yong, the national director of MUMO, kicked off the search for this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia by sharing the amendments.

Previously, the pageant was only open to females who are single and aged 28 or younger.

Now, females above 18, and that includes those who are married, divorced, and/or mothers, have a shot at qualifying. 

According to the Miss Universe Malaysia registration page, contestants are still required to be non-Muslim Malaysian citizens, at least 168cm in height, and able to communicate in either English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, or Tamil.

The MUMO has said they are proud to be behind this change and are actively working towards being more inclusive after listening to feedback from Malaysians.

The winner of the pageant, as usual, will represent Malaysia on the global Miss Universe stage.

For those wondering about the eligibility criteria for the Miss Universe Singapore pageant, an online source dated June 25 states that “contestants must be Singaporean women aged 18 to 29, with a minimum height of 165cm”. They must also “be single, never married, and have no children”.

With the unveiling of the new MUMO entry requirements, we shall have to wait and see if Miss Universe Singapore will update their criteria in a similar manner.

On the Miss Universe Singapore official Instagram page, interested parties are asked to send them a direct message to register their interest for the 2024 pageant.

8days.sg reached out to Miss Universe Singapore but have not received a reply as of press time.

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