#NSTviral: Singaporean influencer blows RM300 at Penang's Nasi Kandar Sulaiman

KUALA LUMPUR: The previous “record” by a Penangite spending RM218 on nasi kandar has now been broken by a Singaporean influencer.

Taking to social media, Nasi Kandar Sulaiman in Penang announced the record-breaking serving of RM300.

“RM300, record breaker. All-time biggest-ever record. A guy from Singapore takes it all to himself.

“He’s a TikTok influencer and does lots of eating videos. He even brought his own tray. His name is Zermatt Neo.

“He has come to NKS to eat nasi kandar worth RM300, the highest ever record in NKS history,” read the post.

The post also came with several pictures and videos as well as the progress of Zermatt Neo’s feat in finishing the serving, taking an astounding two hours in total.

The post has since garnered 5,400 reactions and 1,200 comments, and has been shared more than 1,000 times.

Facebook user Ziggy Mohamed commented: “Wow this guy is hardcore!”

Meanwhile, another user, Ah Chai, called for the Singaporean to surpass his own record.

“Zermatt Neo, dude you should aim for RM500 record. I bet you can do it.”

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