PAP to set up climate action, mental health groups to address issues that ‘cut across’ demographics: PM Wong


Other than engaging the public on a wider suite of issues, Mr Wong said that the PAP will also aim to communicate better with Singaporeans. 

He said that as a political party, the PAP needs to have effective communication channels, and “we must do better”. 

“Obviously, people think we can do better in communications,” he said. 

Some of the communications must be done face-to-face such as through regular walkabouts. 

“This has been the party’s traditional way of outreach and communication, and we must continue with this and retain this strength,” he added. 

But more needs to be done over digital channels, to amplify outreach, he said. The party has updated our existing channels like Facebook and Instagram, as well as launching new channels like YouTube, TikTok and WhatsApp. 

The party newsletter, Petir, has also been updated so it can be accessed through digital means, and not just hardcopy.

“Through these efforts, I hope Singaporeans gain a better understanding of the PAP, as well as our ministers and MPs, what they stand for, what we stand for, and why we do what we do for Singaporeans,” he said. 

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