Wang Xiaofei And Family Have Reunion Dinner At Mellben Signature In Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Barbie Hsu’s ex husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 42, was recently spotted in Singapore with his mother Zhang Lan, his Taiwanese influencer girlfriend Mandy, and his two kids, Hsi-Yueh, nine, and Hsi-Lin, seven.

Zhang Lan was the first to reach Singapore on Feb 5. She hosted a live stream on her arrival, revealing that Xiaofei, Mandy, and her grandchildren would join her later, and that she would have to go offline once they arrive.

Xiaofei would later enter the room, and a woman, presumably Mandy, could be heard in the background saying: ‘I’m the one who is here with Xiaofei”.

The family, who was also joined by their other relatives, then headed out for dinner at Mellben Signature in Tanjong Pagar Plaza (see video below).

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