Agrobazaar brings Malaysia closer

SINGAPORE — Speaking of products from Malaysia, Agrobazaar Malaysia’s main draw is its offering of some of our northern neighbour’s best produce. So it is no surprise that one of the things that has remained popular with Singapore consumers is its annual durian party. This year’s Durian Buffet (available this weekend) is an all-you-can-eat feast priced at S$66 per person (S$116 for two) featuring a mix of durian variants, tropical fruits and drinks. The famed Musang King variety, though, is only available at “a special price”.

Located at Sultan Gate, Agrobazaar was officially launched on Aug 27, 2014 by the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore, said sales and marketing executive Muhammad Redho, who affirmed that response has been overwhelming “especially for the durian party and other corporate events”, while take-up for its events services (for functions, seminars and weddings) has been increasing by 25 per cent annually.

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